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The Green Room

By October 12, 2015 Artists No Comments

What’s up guys! It’s Barret Turner, your favorite Cool Pony Artist. I’m kidding. Kind of… I figured I’d let you in on what’s happening here at Cool Pony and give you a little insight into what it’s like to be a DJ with the Cool Pony family. Look, I don’t just love to perform and be on the stage. I love taking the time to work on my craft! It doesn’t compare to that adrenaline rush I get onstage, but it gets me excited to share what I’ve been working on for you guys.


I don’t take life too seriously (clearly… look at this picture) and I think that’s one of the reasons why Cool Pony events are so invigorating. When I can let myself loose, let the music take over, and live in the moment to the track being played, life is just better. People feel that energy and I feel it too. Honestly though, DJs get tired too. Since I was running low on energy, I had to get out of the studio for a minute and refuel. I was feeling some pizza. Ok, I’m always feeling some pizza. My dude Micah, who does our lighting production (and does an awesome job at it), and I decided to take a quick break from the music so we could get some grub… BUT FIRST, let us take a selfie!


After pizza and music, we’re back at it. Being a part of the Cool Pony family is just that, it’s like being a part of a family. We laugh, cry, and create together. Most of the time when I’m not making music you can find me hanging around with the CP family. Music takes a lot of emotional energy out of you when you’re creating. I’m blessed to have this family around me that is constantly encouraging and challenging me to be the type of artist I want to be. Hopefully, I’ll keep growing into the type of artist that you all love and are inspired by. I love the process as much as I love the product, so know this, I’m working on my craft! I gotta go make more music. Thanks for reading. Signing off!


– Barret

  1. Knock the Bottom Out Strand 0:58
  2. Break Free Mikki 0:41
  3. Let's Get It Jett 0:53
  4. Never Give Up Rachel Lane 1:23
  5. It's On Lauren Nicol 0:47
  6. Get Up Barret Turner feat. Victoria D'Amore 0:59
  7. Everybody Bounce Strand 0:58
  8. Blown Strand 0:58
  9. Bear With Me Barret Turner 1:00
  10. Another World Strand feat. Lauren Nicol 0:56
  11. Adrenaline Strand 0:44