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STRANDED with my thoughts

By October 19, 2015 Artists No Comments

Ok… I am NOT a writer… BUT I do have a lot to say. Here goes nothing.

Hey team! It’s Strand here, and wow have I’ve been busy lately. Actually, we have all been really busy at Cool Pony Music. Things do not slow down and that’s the way we like it! The past few weeks have been insane. I’ve been dancing, shooting music videos, singing, dancing, interviews, performing, perfecting, dancing, singing, being a husband, a new father, and it’s been incredible to see the growth both individually and as a team.

Oh yeah, did you read that? I’M A NEW FATHER! What does my baby think of daddy’s performance and work ethic?



Honestly though, you would be amazed at how hard Cool Pony’s team is working. They had Lauren and myself out all night shooting our music video, making sure everything was perfect. Cool Pony Music expects the best from us and in return, they give us their absolute best effort. I never doubt what kind of product they will put together. It’s insane the amount of hours they put in. These people don’t sleep. Here is Lauren and I taking a break between takes to shoot the music video:


It’s somewhat light in this picture, but trust me.. we were out all night making sure everything was exactly the way we wanted it. After getting done with this video, I took some time to be with the wife and baby, and the next day I was headed straight for interviews, routines, and dancing in downtown Dallas with my guy, Jett! You would think I get sick of it all. Singing and dancing all night with Lauren, dancing all day with Jett not too long after, but that’s just not me. I love what I do and I can’t get enough of what I love. It’s easy to get up for all this everyday when I know that the people I work with are not only amazing artists, but amazing people!

It’s time to get back to work, I have to stay on top of my game! Until next time…


– Strand

  1. Knock the Bottom Out Strand 0:58
  2. Break Free Mikki 0:41
  3. Let's Get It Jett 0:53
  4. Never Give Up Rachel Lane 1:23
  5. It's On Lauren Nicol 0:47
  6. Get Up Barret Turner feat. Victoria D'Amore 0:59
  7. Everybody Bounce Strand 0:58
  8. Blown Strand 0:58
  9. Bear With Me Barret Turner 1:00
  10. Another World Strand feat. Lauren Nicol 0:56
  11. Adrenaline Strand 0:44