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Cool Pony Takes Its Talents Los Angeles

By October 26, 2015 Artists No Comments

Guys, I don’t really know what to tell you other than to be on the lookout. Cool Pony was out in LA this past week and it was incredible. We got an insane amount of work done and the things that we have going on right now are huge. I know you hear a lot of people say that there are big things happening within their industry, but we are putting together something special. Cool Pony’s vision is being lived out! We had to hit the beach though…


Here is the thing, I’ve never been more tired from a week of work, but I’ve never more satisfied from a week of work. It doesn’t matter where Cool Pony Music is at, we give our best effort, but this week was special out in LA. The demands we have on ourselves, the work we put into every single second, the passion that everyone has here at Cool Pony, is all going to be coming out in our music. It’s so obvious that we are passionate in the things we do through music. I cannot wait for you guys to hear it.

We got off the plane, headed to our hotel, and we were on a mission from the second we landed. We went to check out some of the cooler spots in LA so that we could get some filming done, then we headed off to the studio. Man, there is nothing more an artist loves than a great studio. We definitely were living the life! Cool Pony spares no expense when it comes to making sure that the best quality music is made. When I got done recording some, I went to check out my fellow Cool Pony artists and even helped shoot some video!


I can’t wait for you guys to hear this! There is a lot more going on that I actually need to go ahead and take care of! Stay on top of our social media and website, you never know when something might drop…

– Barret

  1. Knock the Bottom Out Strand 0:58
  2. Break Free Mikki 0:41
  3. Let's Get It Jett 0:53
  4. Never Give Up Rachel Lane 1:23
  5. It's On Lauren Nicol 0:47
  6. Get Up Barret Turner feat. Victoria D'Amore 0:59
  7. Everybody Bounce Strand 0:58
  8. Blown Strand 0:58
  9. Bear With Me Barret Turner 1:00
  10. Another World Strand feat. Lauren Nicol 0:56
  11. Adrenaline Strand 0:44