DJ, dancer, singer, Regan Strand, aka Strand, has been a pro entertainer since he was 10. While most kids his age were playing, he was choreographing hip-hop conventions all over the US, and years later, performing with Chris Brown and Brit Nicole, as well as rocking Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”. The trifecta force that is Strand, hasn't been overlooked by fans or media alike. Millions of video views, and support from iHeart radio’s KISS FM, have catapulted the Strand demand into the stratosphere… and with good reason. His galvanizing charisma, tracks that hit like Thor's hammer, and Cirque du Soleil style stage mastery have people searching for their jaws on the floor, and experiencing an entire new dimension of pop / EDM. Not one to miss in 2017! Drop Strand a line:

The Music

Strand “Another World”

  • Release 2016